District 17 AREA 74

     In October, last Monday 2017 at the Monthly GSR meeting for District 17 Area 74 at 6 P.M. (EST) the Alano Club, 105 W Flesheim Street, Iron Mountain, MI will be in search of people to step up to fill positions for the next 2-year term of district officers to take over on January 1, 2018.

     It's suggested that all GSR and members of the fellowship of District 17 and their 28 AA Groups (registered) be present in stepping up for the following positions of Service Work; DCM, alternate DCM, Secretary, Treasurer, Webmaster, 0900 AA Hotline Coordinator, and the many chairs involved as Corrections, PI/CPC, Archives, etc.   District 17 Officers 

District 17 Committee