September 25, 2017

District 17 Newsletter


        The district monthly GSR meeting was held Monday, September 25, 2017 at the Iron Mountain, Mi. Alano Club. In attendance were : Angie Z., Karen K., Cindy S., Patty A., John R., Larry L., Dave G., Debbie G., Bruce T., Dave M., Mary C., Jim B. (actual 12)

The next meeting is scheduled for October 30, 2017 at 6:00pm at the Alano Club.


DCM Report: Bruce T


no report


Secretary Report : Angie Z


no report


Financial Report: Dave G


Financial statement attached

Financial report was motioned and accepted


Corrections Report: Debbie G and Jim B


Debbie G: going well, schedule is still good

Bruce T: do you have enough people

Debbie G: for awhile, Val check in with Florence jail once a week

Betty C: letting you know, the woman in jail really like the Grapevines. Thank you for sending them our way

Bruce T: Thank you Jim  


corrections was motioned and accepted




 Have continued being active to keep the district 17 website updated as well as the website at Hostek Web Host site for District 17. This has been performed in my home office.

The District website recorded _477_ Home page hits in the past month with the counter at 17,982 total hits as of 9-25-17.

Living my life 1-day at a time,
Cliff W.


was motioned and accepted


Old Business:




Intergroup:  Karen and Cindy.


Debbie G: actual " pass the hat around " to collect donations for the UP Traveling intergroup PA system

Bruce T: elections next month / 2 yr. term 2018-2020, need someone to nominate you

John R: this District needs to use , case by case, basis and group conscious

Karen K: most Districts, give donations to help fund for room/food and gas for DCM's and alternate

John R: lets contribute but not our District acct./ use our intergroup acct. for right now

Karen K: 80% of their meetings are just gone!! Karen has talk to the Delegate from Corpus Christi and when we want to send our donations , he will help them


intergroup was motioned and accepted


New Business:




Peace, Love and Tolerance;

Angie Z. District 17 Secretary,

Always be kind and don't forget our neighbors. If I can be of any help , please contact me