January 29, 2018

District 17 GSR meeting


 The monthly GSR meeting was held January 29, 2018 at the Iron Mountain, Mi. Alano Club. In attendance were:


The next meeting is scheduled for February 26, 2018 at 6:00pm at the Alano Club.


 DCM Report:

 Cindy S: Our Area will have a sub-committee to vote on this matter, of accepting WICIPA donations at our Area assembly. Six of our GSR’s took to there groups and voting on to accept WICIPA donations. Six  groups voted YES.

Bruce L: Disagrees with it.


 Motion to accept/ 2nd and Accepted


 Secretary Report:

 Angie Z: The secretary’s report is attached. New Forms, flyers and something for us, Alcoholics, to remember when going through Grief. Straight from our Big Book. Thank you my friend who sent it to me.


 Motion to accept/2nd and Accepted


 Financial Report:

 Dave G: Financial report Attached


 Motion to accept/2nd and Accepted


 Corrections Report:

 Debbie: Is concerned about the woman in Florence jail. The girls needed a meeting and nobody was going in….or calling. Val will call and see if they need an AA meeting once a week. Books for the jails are coming in from different resources. If a group has money to give …..donations of any AA books is GREATLY appreciated.


 Jim: We are looking for 2 volunteers. Working with the jails, in Dickinson Co., 2 year sobriety under your belt. Every over Thursday. Dan I. calls Florence Co. to see if anyone is interested in an AA meeting.


 Motion to accept/2nd and Accepted





 Have continued being active to keep the district 17 website updated as well as the website at Hostek Web Host site for District 17. This has been performed in my home office.
The District website recorded _608_ Home page hits in the month of December with the counter at 19,403 total hits as of 12-31-17. Then in January 2018 District website recorded _338_ Home page hits with the counter at 19,741 as of 1-29-18.

Back in June 2017 Dan I., a member of the fellowship designed a new district website that includes added Google plug-ins including directions to all district meetings to be hosted at Godaddy.com. The cost of designing this website and the monthly charge of around $34 a month that Dan I. had hoped that the district would adopt.

Back in 2005 when I designed our present website I used software that now has become obsolete and no longer carries any upgrades or support since actually 2013. I have done my best to keep our website viewable and updated. Whenever, a change is made, all the files of our present website can be downloaded to an external hard-drive or flash drive for safe-keeping or to be added to a current version. Included are all files from the 2009 Area 74 Spring Conference hosted here by District 17, all files for the 2006 workshop hosted here and most all monthly newsletters from as far back as 2000.

Living my life 1-day at a time,
Cliff W.

Dan I: We’ve had communication problems and if someone will nominate me ….I will step forward for the New Webmaster.

 Motion to accept/2nd and Accepted


 Old Business:

 Karen: The $900.oo from our district 17, they’ve return money back to us . The groups that wanted their donations back has been deducted and the $520.oo that’s left is going to Larry L. the treasurer of the UP Speaker System    .                                    

 Larry L: Let’s bring last months minutes to the meeting , so we know what the Old Business is.


 Motion to accept/2nd and Accepted


 Intergroup: Debbie G, Karen and Cindy.

 Attached is our flyer for intergroup


 New Business:


 Linda P: New GSR for Early Bird group, Steve is treasurer and Wednesday Gratitude meeting has been changed from 6 to 5 at the Alano Club, along with Sat/Sun at 6….no Attendance

 Bruce L: We need in our District, A Public Information Coordinator. Bring this to your groups and ask if anyone is interested?

 Dan I: Will bring the definition of the position and what it entails.


 Motion to accept/2nd and Accepted


 Peace, Love and Tolerance; Submitted by Angie Z.