April 30, 2018

District 17 GSR meeting


The monthly GSR meeting was held April 30, 2018 at the Iron Mountain, Mi. Alano Club. In attendance were: Jerry P, Cindy S, Debbie G, Armand B, Dave G, Larry L, Vicki G, Dave M, Jim B, Kyle D, Don L, Norm F, Nick G, Dan I, Angie Z. (total 15)

The next meeting is scheduled for June 25, 2018 at 6:00pm at the Alano Club.


Secretary Report: Angie Z.

Angie Z: passed out flyers. I sent our information to GSO to let them know D. 17 has now a PI committee. GSO, will sent us the PI folder and a 2018 AA literature catalog. We’re asking the D.17, for a little start up money? When we get the catalog, we’ll see what the prices will be. We will bring it back to the next D.17 meeting in June. Can we maybe pick up another month for D.17  hosting intergroup?                                                                                     

Debbie G: We did at the time use District money for literature for P.I.

Larry L: After buying the Speaker system, stand and microphone we started with $920, we still have $250 for the District. I’m giving Dave G. $250 cash to deposit in our account.

Motion was 2nd / Accepted

Financial Report: Dave G.

Financial report is attached

Dave G: I will deposit the $250 cash for the district in the morning. FINANCIAL

Motion was 2nd / Accepted

Corrections Report: Debbie G., Jim B., Dan I.  

Debbie G: Women’s is doing fine. Schedule for the next 3 months. We had somebody bring a 12x12, and it didn’t work. Remember we are just carry the message, so who ever is in charge , at the jail, respect there orders.

Jim B: Our volunteer was approved. I know we are carry the message. From jail to a meeting. I’ve been able to see this happened.

Dan I: Florence is going well, down from 6-2.

Motion was 2nd / Accepted


Dan I: We are staying with Hostek, hosting service. Less expensive, with non-profit discount.

Motion was 2nd / Accepted

CLIFF W: Have continued being active to keep the district 17 website updated as well as the website at Hostek Web Host site for District 17.  This has been performed in my home office. 

The District website recorded _242_ Home page hits in the month of April with the counter at 20,577 total hits as of 4-30-18.

On Mon April 30 had phone conference with new webmaster for District 17 Dan I. who officially took over stating he would keep the district website at Hostek and would supply new software in designing.

Living my life 1-day at a time,
             Cliff W.


DCM Report: Cindy S.

Cindy S: No meeting in May. Larry please fill out the alternate DCM. I will not be here from January-April, leaving for AZ for the winter.

Motion was 2nd / Accepted


New Business:

Cindy S: Welcome Nick G. and Norm F. Nick G. is going to volunteer for the P.I. committee. Thank you                                        


Motion was 2nd / Accepted

Intergroup: Karen and Cindy S.


No report


Old Business:

Cindy S: New AA meeting cards, color, light grey. Lot’s of little changes, from open/closed, summer seasonal , and the dates of when- when, new meetings and ones that are no more. Some time changes too.

Larry L: I would like to commend Cindy for all her HARD work to make sure our meetings are up to date and correct. We have got a lot of meetings and Cindy went to most all of them to make sure our District is ….”carry the message”. Round of applause for Cindy S.

Motion was 2nd / Accepted


Thank you ALL for your service in our Fellowship of AA. Your keeping me sober and active.


Peace, Love and Tolerance; Submitted by Angie Z.