Intergroup Hosted by Marquette, February 24, 2018

The GSR meeting was held on Saturday February 24th, 2018 at the Negaunee Community Center/Township Hall In attendance were : Angie Z, Larry L, Ken U, Bruce L, Tony C, Cheryl A, Wanda C, Dean C, Robert A, Doug C, Ron S, Don R, Neal D, Lil R, Edward D, Paul P, Harland M, Theresa K, Shannon R.

The next Intergroup GSR meeting is scheduled for March 10, 2018 in Gladstone

Tony C, D.18, chaired our GSR intergroup meeting, asking….. What’s going on in our meeting’s?

Wanda C, D.20, Friday evening GET Group: Our group is doing well.

Dean C, D.20: I filled the position of CPC chair, and am doing workshops for AA on the Area level. If anybody has ?’s…..let Dean know.

Robert A, D.18, Corrections and Treatment chair: Marquette General Hosp. Treatment has closed down do to insurance purposes…..but, We will be sharing a New Group , for treatment on the 5th floor of Marquette Hosp.@ 7 on Sundays. Robert will be chairing. We’ve got 18 already registered. We are reaching out , as much as we can.

Doug C, D.18, BB group Friday@ 10: New GSR for BB group, 9-12 , good old timers! Already register for New Group.

Ron S, D.21, Early Rising: Newly elected corrections in our D.21. We have a VERY solid core group here. Having a good time. Two New Groups in our D.21. Lost 3 people in recovery after the 1st year.

Don R, D.18, TNT group: Our group is doing well. 15, a very steady group.

Lil R, D.21, Wellspring Women’s group: The Women’s group is doing very well. We’re hosting a Women’s Retreat on April 21,2018 in Houghton. A day long

Edward D, D.20, Happy, Joyous and Free: Our group is typical, the same 5/6. Looking forward to our snow-birds coming back.

Cheryl A, D.20 Friday@9AA meeting: Still up for position is GSR to the morning meeting. I stepped down. I’m our New DCM in our district 20. Going well in our D.20

Tony C, D.18: Things are going great. We had a Tubbing Party, 30 people or better showed up. And we brought pizza from Pizza Hut for dinner afterwards. Made it ATTRACTIVE.

Paul P, D.18, Our Primary Purpose: There isn’t a whole lot of change. Good group.

Harland M, D.20, McMillan: During winter our meeting is down to 15 and summertime hits…40. Things a looking up.

Larry L, D.17, Early Monday night: Everything is well. Attendance good. We’ve got enough money to purchase The UP Speaker Systems. I will order it off Amazon, with a portable carry case and microphone.

Angie Z, D.17, Let it Go: I’m stepping down as GSR in this group. It is still growing. Doing well.

Ken U, D.20, Tuesday morning: Attendance is picking up again.

Bruce L: Information giver? In your district who takes care of this?  Your DCM

December 2, 2017

Intergroup GSR's meeting in Marquette, MI

 The monthly GSR meeting was held in Marquette December 2, 2017. In attendance were:

Angie Z, Larry L, Glen K, John R, Dean C, Ron S, Bill L, Gary T, Bruce L, Lil R, Dave S, Richard A.

The next meeting is scheduled for February 2018???

Gary T: Chaired our meeting at the Marquette intergroup. D. 18 just held elections , had a really good turn out . We will NOT go black!! Every position has been filled, and this is all a learning experience. They've maintained The Friday morning meetings, went from 2, for a long time, to now 8-10. We asked our groups to put $20 a piece for a total of $60 for the UP Speaker Systems.

Lil R: Things are real stable in D.21 Our elections went well , good turn out, and The Woman's group is going well.

Dave S: Our TNT group is well. 12-25 old timers , new comers new faces here and there. Big Book on Tuesday's, Traditions twice a month, and the rest are open meetings. We've got a great program. A New meeting starting up 10am on 2nd St, the 1st and 3rd Friday's of the month. 10 people at the first meeting, great turn out.

Rick A: Our Wednesday meeting averages 12 people. I enjoy our sharing. 34 yrs sober and I Loved being involved in service work. It keeps m sober. I believe service wok is where I found the most Serenity in my program.

Angie Z: In D. 17 Our DCM brought it to the GSR attention what we need to go back and ask our groups to vote or have ya or ney , and bring it back to our DCM Cindy S. The vote about what our D.17 on, to accepted WICYPAA donations. And the Rockport donations that intergroups and meetings contributed too. They sent $900 back to our D.17. So can we use this money to the benefit of the Speaker Systems and put the rest in a benevolence fund for the D.17. For emergency!! And our group that meets on Wednesday nights in IR, is going soo, well. We've come very far in a year or better. And just got another coffee maker.

Larry L: Our group The Early Birds on Monday in IM is going well. Finances and going well too.

Glen K: I'm just hear to listen.

John R: 10-12 people on a regular basics on Tuesday morning and Friday morning in IR.

Dean C: Our D. 20 is holding elections December 16,2017. The Catholic church is closing down so this group will meet at The 1st Methodist Church in Germfask. Our Annual Christmas Party went well,50 people or better shown up. We all had a sober day to spend with each other. At our meetings , every meeting, 6 months to a 1 of sobriety old timers, new comers and want to understand the program of AA. And I just want to say, we have a lot of UP registered in service through our program of AA. Thanks for all the service work in the UP.

Ron S: Truly grateful to be here. We've got a good core group, our cash flow is awesome. D 21 had a workshop on Sponsorship and Home groups. The paper contacted Ron to do an interview. Lil is our upcoming DCM in D.21 We had our elections last night went well. We also have a new meeting in Mohawk, at the 1st meeting there were 6 people that showed up. When we're giving donation from our meeting lets think about, District, Area, GSO.....and also intergroups if the group has the funds. Our district will no longer helps our financial with D. that will accepted WICYPAA donations , for us that and outside issue.

Gary T: "Attraction rather than Promotion". Let the next person see your witnessing through the AA program you work . NO last names, NO home addresses be VERY CAREFUL in your social media. Always look for the positive , leave the NEGATIVITY to the side lines!!!! For was an Attitude change. And I'm asking a vote to elected Larry L., when the times comes,  for him to pick our Speaker System out. WE ALL AGREED. Unanimous vote.

Larry L: I have all donations on me (cash) I didn't open a checking account and I'm responsible for the money I have $287. With everything going so fast, I'll just hold on to the CASH I have until the time is RIGHT for us to purchase the Speaker System maybe by February. I will make sure it's User Friendly, easy to port around from place to place and covers if we need them. The 3 pictures of the Speaker System are attached.

Glen K: I would say we definitely need a new speaker system as I was unable to hear at the last intergroup!

Dean C: Public Relation's , Pamphlet #40

Peace, Love and Tolerance; Submitted by Angie Z.

November 11, 2017

Ishpeming, MI

Intergroup GSR meeting

The monthly GSR meeting was held in Ishpeming, MI. November 11, 2017. In attendance were the following people:

Dave: Brought us to order. I'm the chair-person for the Ishpeming intergroup. Don is an incoming GSR. Thank you , for all the service work on this intergroup . Let's talk about how are meetings are going.

Mark: From Copper Country. Our group has been making the donations for literature. They've been giving books for money collected. About 2,500 $ this last year.

Ron: GSR, DCM District 16. We had a workshop in District 16. All our positions have been filled.

Neil: GSR of Newberry District 12. Our snowbirds are gone and we're settling down to a smaller group. No disappearing  acts. Group is good.

Ken: GSR of Tuesday meetings. New-comers are sitting with the program.

Dean: Manistique DCM D. 20. We have the same thing going on with literature. My rotation is up in January. We need NEW fairs in NEW places

Gary: I'm just an alcoholic

Larry L: GSR of Early Monday meeting in IM . And alternate DCM of D. 17. New faces , old faces , this is my home group, 15-17 people.

Angie Z: GSR of Wednesday night Let it Go group in IR, and secretary  In the last year I've seen it come up from4-6, to now about  8-15. this group is great . new-comers , court order, and old faces of many years of sobriety. It's a good thing I've got more woman involved in a program of action.

Wanda: GSR of Get Everybody Together meeting. I've also been one of the only woman a lot of time at this meeting. We have an Annual Christmas party December 1.

Harlan: GSR of Wednesday night meeting in Newberry. Doing well 15-17 a meeting.

Cheryl: GSR of Friday morning meeting in Munising a 12x12 meeting. Having a lot of trouble keeping this meeting going, 1-5??. I'm going to have to step down from GSR I've been elected as DCM of D. 20. 

Ed D: GSR of Friday morning Happy, Joyous and Free. The snowbirds are gone now. And there are a few of us trying to open up jail meetings in our area.

Matt: DCM of D. 18 newly elected. We're having trouble with our elections. Not enough people to do our elections. Our elections will be in December for District 18. I've got the donations from the Gwinn intergroup, for the UP Speaker System.

Again Larry L is now our treasurer for the Speaker System.

Ken: We will have meetings through November and nothing until April.

Don: M/T GSR of the Grumpy meeting. We're up from 2 to 15 a good handful sitting around.

Tony: GSR at the Alano club in Gwinn. Thursday real shaky and Monday's  barely able to make rent. The Gwinn intergroup may or may not happen. Gwinn needs help!! The AA Halloween party was Awesome. Thanksgiving party 1-5 at the Alano in Gwinn.

Lil: GSR of the Woman's group. Good attendance. District is very active.

Tom: I'm just an alcoholic. I'm get transportation from fellows at our meeting.

Cindy S: GSR of Pembine WI we are up in our meetings, 3 or more years of sobriety. And newly elected DCM in District 17

Karen: GSR of Woman's group . We have a great AA community . I have great gratitude to the AA men in my life, they helped carry me through. Very excited for our District.

Bruce L: The Thursday night New-comer's meeting in IM, was 12-14 know down to 5 or so. Good strong sobriety. New comers and old comers good meeting.

 Gloria: If I'm the only woman at a meeting....I say thanks guys for letting me be apart of the men's meeting tonight. And I will now be taken on with the finance committee for a 2 yr. period and stepping down from Structures and Guidelines. Everybody be careful out there on the roads this winter.

Tracy: Non-alcoholic GSR of L'Anse Thursday meeting 91/2- 11 and Wednesday needs more support.

Teresa: GSR of noon meeting. We have a lot of sobriety about 15-20 in a meeting. Things are going very well. Our jail meetings, we just carry the message.

Dave: GSR for the T.N.T. group D.18 we have a good group and a lot of sobriety 12-25. Wednesday night is a good meeting as well. Our elections are going dark in D.18. We are having trouble to find people for service in AA. Service is what helped my sobriety.

Angie Z: For myself, Fear  was my culprit. I can use that Fear to keep my alcoholic thinking still going .............and not do anything about it.

Mark: Go to your Higher Power and pray.

Dean: Service work is up most important!!

Gary: I was GSR and DCM we need to be thinking about.....attraction rather promotion . Do we have what they want, living, Happy, Joyous and Free? Just carry the message that what we do.

Don: We gave up on elections, we just ask for volunteers.

Larry L: I will open an Savings acct. at his bank. I will give you a report financially for the Speaker Systems . Let's start asking at our meetings what we can donate to the Speaker System. I do not know enough about system to really go looking for what we need. I'm asking for someone who knows about these things to help me find what we want.

I would like to Thank everybody for their commitment,  doing service work. Thank you for helping me stay sober and living a new life.

P.S. Just got the new November Grapevine, read the article, "Light In A Long Winter"  . Here's to all the fellows that go and make coffee and spend time alone in those meetings...

Peace, Love and Tolerance; Submitted by Angie Z.

Intergroup in Curtis MI,

October 2017


The GSR meeting was held on Saturday October 14, 2017 at the Curtis, Mi. In attendance were :Angie Z, Larry L, Bruce L, Armand, Cheryl A, Rick A, George M, Dean C, Glen K, Jim S, Gloria O, Ken U, Ron S, Mark K, Ed D, Lyle S, Neal D.

The next meeting is scheduled for Ishpeming, MI on November 11,  2017

Dean C: We had a workshops on "HOMEGROUPS" at the health fair. Went well, and this is an easy opportunity for us to get in.  Assembly coming up and is there a good solution for the conflicting dates with intergroups.

Ken U: Why didn't the workshops start on time. We got a couple new-comers, sticking with the program of action. What a remarkable change I've seen in them.

Glen K: Ishpeming  intergroup in November 11,2017

Gloria O: If your in a chair position, more than one, its hard to make the decision , where should I go. To which one? NOW& THEN motion is coming up for a 2 yr. commitment on structure and guidelines. 3 members makes a comm.

Ron S: Our intergroups , should be ok. with changing dates . Change should not be done at the Area level.

Mark K: I LOVE intergroups!!

Ed D: We've got 3 openings for GSR's in Munising.

Lyle S: Try to get in to jail meetings.

Cheryl A: Really slim lately.....need a GSR for the Friday morning meeting in Munising to keep it going!!

Rick A: We been discussing 13 stepping in IM.

George M: I'm passing on the secretary position to Angie Z. We sent out flyers for the Intergroups and record min.

Larry L: We got a lot of good drunks at our meetings in IM.

Angie Z: Our group in IR in the last year I've been able to see it blossom . Starting out with maybe 4-6 and know 10-16 Love my IR!!!!

Bruce L:  The GOD thing- and new-comers.....and relapses and asking ?'s

Armand: Life is going well in the western territory.

Ron S: When we did our intergroup we rented one. Why can't we do this for all our intergroups?

Larry L: On the UP Traveling speaker systems, I've got the peoples with the monies for what we've had donated thus far. Who, how much and where. We need to start asking at our meetings to see what when could donate. I will look up three models and get pricing for the next intergroup.

Larry L. will be our treasury for the UP Speaker System's.

I would like to close with a HUGE thank you to George for all your service. And a BIG THANKS to all of you for helping keep sober, and for putting a huge leap of Faith in me, every single one of you are in my Journey of recovery. See you on the flip side -Peace


 Intergroup Manistique, Mi.

June 2017

GSR Meeting Notes

in Attendance: Lil R., Karen K., Cindy S., Matt S., Patty G., Dave S., Armand B., Wilma G., Marty L., Neal D., Gloria O., Jim S., Bruce L., Ken U., Tony S., Lyle S., Don L., Misty H., Dean C., George M.

Call to Order: Dean at 5:00 pm

GSR Updates/Comments:

George-Germfask Thursday Night, Meeting is a Big Book study, summer visitors are starting to drop in.

Karen- Women’s Group, Iron Mountain, Meeting is well attended and the group is planning an outing Misty- Thursday Night, Manistique, group is working to improving meeting format Cindy- Wednesday Pembine, meeting attendance is good, everything going well Matt- Iron River, good solid meeting. Crystal Falls meeting attendance is picking up.

Patty- Friday Morning Meeting, good attendance, 20 to 25 per meeting. Monday morning meeting is one year old.

Dave- T and T Meeting, Ishpeming, group reads from the Big Book on Tuesdays and the Twelve and Twelve on Thursdays. Good attendance, good meetings. Armand-Iron River, about 20 attend regularly Wilma-Rudyard, meeting attendance fluctuates, speaker on the third week of the month. Marty L.-Past Area 74 Delegate, Iron River, Wisconsin, District 13 Neal-Friday Morning, Newberry, Summer residents are coming back. Meeting has a somewhat open format.

Gloria O.- Past DCM, attends meetings in Iron Mountain, MI and Wausaukee, WI. Many summer residents showing up at both meetings.

Jim S.-Grand Marais, meeting is very small with 2 to 4 members attending. Gave kudos to District 20 on a great job done hosting the Area 74 Spring Conference.

Bruce L.-Iron Mountain, spoke to the success that the Beginners Meeting is having in that area. Ken- Tuesday Morning Newberry, meeting is going well. Recommended reading the personal stories from the Traditions book from the Grapevine.

Tony-Brimley, strong partnership with Alanon in the area.

Lyle-Autrain, meeting has about 6 regularly attending. Starting to organize a jail meeting at their new jail facility.

Don-Norway, talked to the important connection of Alanon to AA.

Brian-Marquette, Area 74 Corrections Chair, offered to help any group or District with facilitating AA services to those who are incarcerated.

Dean-DCM District 20, District is hosting a Workshop on October 7th, in Germfask MI. Closed: 5:40 pm with the Lord’s Prayer



UP Traveling Intergroup

GSR Meeting Notes

Saturday, April 8, 2017, Iron Mountain, Michigan

The meeting was opened by chair, Cindy, of Pembine, with a moment of silence and Serenity Prayer.

In Attendance: Cindy S., Ken U., Matt S., Arman D., Angie Z., Mary C., Dave M., Bob M., Richard A., Patty R., Norm F., Aaron H., Betty S., Larry l., Bruce L., Paul P., Harland M., Jeanne R., George M.


Door prizes at Intergroups: One attendee commented as to how the intergroups, in particular the most recent one in Delta County, are too dragged out and long, due to the sponsors offering too many door prizes. This causes a problem for attendees who have to drive long distances back home.  Jeanne commented as to how Delta County now limits door prizes to sobriety related items, and last month gave 3 gift subscriptions to Grapevine. But they would take the comment under advisement. One attendee suggested that sponsors place a basket in front of the door prizes which would allow the attendee to try for the one they wanted.  Others felt that numerous door prizes were not necessary.

Intergroup Secretary needed: George has asked again if there is someone willing to serve as Intergroup Secretary as he can no longer do it.  PLEASE consider this avenue of service to AA.  It would involve either attending all UP Intergroups and taking notes, or finding a substitute for the same. Then, the secretary would have responsibility for compiling and distributing the notes to an internet mailing list which George has maintained. [The job could be shared.]

PA system belonging to the Intergroup: Bruce reminded everyone that even if you are not going to use it yourself next month,  the Intergroup-owned PA system has to be picked up this month by someone who will be at the next intergroup (in this case, someone from Calumet.)

Additionally it was reported that our PA system does not work well, and it should probably be replaced. A cheap unit would be $300, a good system $1,000. How can we raise the money?

1.      Ask each of the 10-12 Intergroup sponsoring groups to donate $100 which would result in $1,000+ at the end of one year.

2.      Have a donation can at each Intergroup and see how much we can raise in a year. Sponsor is to announce that we are looking for donations from AA groups in the UP for replacement of our PA system.

3.      Sponsor of the current intergroup is to get the donation can to the next Intergroup (send it with the PA system?)  Concerns raised re. security of the can of money.

4.      Some groups do have money and are looking for a program-related purpose. Ask for donations through these notes and at each Intergroup.

5.      Conclusion: Announce at each Intergroup that we are solicitation donations for a replacement PA system. Bring donations to the first Intergroup in 2017. 



Mary, Iron Mountain: Women’s group is booming. Coming from jail meetings, the beginner meetings as well as newcomers and seasoned members.

Bruce: Iron Mountain:  Beginner meeting was having trouble getting started but is now OK.

Patty, Goodman: Meetings doing OK. Are able to give money to corrections.

Bruce 2, Iron Mountain(?): Schedules are being reprinted and flyers being prepared for newcomers. George asked if he could have a copy of that flyer to include with the distribution of these notes.

Ken, Newberry: Check options on new PA system—how about a neck or clip-on mic?  Attendance is picking up—had been down.

Cindy, Pembine: Wednesday meetings going well. Mostly old timers.

Dave: They have a separate bank account with the district so no need for a can to solicit PA donations.[i.e.  Just  write a check and bring the donation to the first Intergroup in 2017.]


Meeting adjourned at 4:45PM with the recitation of the Lords’ Prayer.

UP Traveling Intergroup

GSR Meeting

Saturday, March 11, 2017


The GSR meeting was called to order by chair Jeanne with the recitation of the Serenity Prayer In


Attendance: Jeanne R., Larry L., Amanda B., Matt S., Bruce L., Neal D., Paul P., Harland M., Ken U., Angie Z., Bob S.


Attendees shared the status of their groups:


Bob Swanson, Marquette Underground: Meetings are going well


Angie, Iron River Wednesday and Saturday: Discussed ways to deal as a group with disruptive people. Working as a group, not as  individuals


Ken, Tuesday St. Gregory’s in Newberry: The same core group meets. One person has dropped out but they are trying to get him back.


Harland,McMillan: Attendance is declining from the usual mid-20s to mid-teens. Waiting for the snowbirds.  Are working on the details of the July 21-23 Campout.


Paul, Our Redeemer of Champion: They have lots of potential for growth. Are seeing court ordered people in attendance. People are not disruptive—just moan and groan—which is a reminder of where he used to be.


Neil, St. Gregory’s, Newberry: Cross addictive people attend, but since there are no NA meetings in Newberry  we are it for those who are court ordered and/or cross addicted.  Ken is good at selecting topics and which step to do at a meeting.


Bruce, Past DCM Iron Mountain: Recently had a person who had just been released from jail who had already attended 2 meetings. . Have flyers for the April Intergroup to be held at a new location behind KFC (known as the Chicken Church). Moved due to rent issues at previous location.


Matt, Tuesday, Iron River and Thursday Crystal Falls: Tuesday is a good, strong group, but as for Thursday, “I am ready to pull the pin on them.” 


Armand, Friday AM Iron River: Steady all year with 20+ in attendance, financially stable and can now make contributions.


Larry, Monday PM Early Bird at Iron Mountain Chicken Church: Have everyone from old timers to those “fresh off the boat.” Doing well financially and have a minimum of 6 to 15 people at meetings.  Just received his GSR packet and is planning a home group meeting ½ hour before the regular meeting time to discuss changes.


Jeanne, Delta Drop In 10AM, Escanaba: Recent problems over the club’s having banned a person for disruptive behavior (physical altercation, screaming obscenities out the window) after implementing their 3 step conduct policy (2 verbal warnings, 1 written warning). Members do not seem to grasp the difference between the AA group and the club from which they rent meeting space. Are seeing more people from the Drug Court program and the development of more NA meetings in Escanaba and Gladstone.


Discussion on disruptive people at AA meetings:

Bob, Marquette: circulated two relevant handouts. “Safety and AA—Our Common Welfare” from the GSO. Is a safety issue! Chair is to state expectations, and it is OK to call in authorities if someone is disruptive or breaking the law. The second handout “Is AA to blame for 13th step slaying as the lawsuit claims” was passed around. These issues are why he got involved on the board of their club. They still have one person who shows up despite a trespassing charge against him.


Paul: While we want to help the alcoholic who is suffering, a disturbing atmosphere keeps others away. The group has to take responsibility.


Bob: They have a group conscience business meeting once/month. They get group consensus on how to deal with issues. Several approaches—1. Close the meeting, 2. Call the police, 3. Take the disruptive person aside out of the meeting.


Bruce: We have an older man  with long sobriety who makes women afraid to come to their meetings by staring at them or rushing up to them. Newcomers are reluctant to return.  Do not want to deny him a meeting and have confronted him about it because his actions are dangerous.


Matt: Knows that individual. Was told to watch out for him. The group has taken care of it.


Bruce: Likes what Angie said about making it a group meeting, not “Bruce’s meeting  in the past.  He now just makes coffee and does not chair but encourages newcomers to chair.


Ken: Concerned about use of the “F Word.” Thinks there was something in a past Grapevine on obscenity at AA meetings. He would like to deal with this issue and wants to know if there is anything they can do about it. 


Bob: They have one person chair the meeting, another who takes the lead and brings the topic. Then everyone comments. Sometimes they have to say, “How about if you clean it up a little bit?”  They have one person who uses the F word the way some people say, “You know.” Suggested a Concordance of AA and also to Google on profanity in AA for approaches to this issue.


Bruce: Newcomer profanity diminishes as they get more time in AA. It is “bar talk.”


Bob: Sees the same people at different meetings who use profanity at one and not the other. It helps to say, “Your lack of profanity will harm no one.”


Meeting closed at 6PM with the Lord’s Prayer. Notes taken by Jeanne R.


 February 18th 2017 UP Traveling Intergroup

Negaunee Township Hall

GSR Meeting Notes

Call to Order:  Gary at 5:00 pm with the Serenity Prayer

In Attendance: Neal D., Richard A., Ron S., Wanda C., Gary T., Dean C., Harland M., Don L., Bruce L., Armand B., Bob S., Larry L., Ken U., Lil R., Paul P., Glen K., Bruce T., Gloria O., Robert A., Angie Z., Kyle W., Fred M., Dave S., Dan S., Cindy S., Charlene T., Jeanne R., George M.


Gary comments about the importance of members to keep things going and opens by asking “how are things going”?

Dean promotes the Area Spring Conference this May in Munising being hosted by District 20.

Gloria has a good connection/source for medallions and is willing to coordinate orders from groups if anyone is interested.

Gary relates two incidents at meetings where people showed up intoxicated. He states the need for groups to have solutions for difficult situations that can occur.

Armand brought up limiting the length of speakers at Intergroups, to be thoughtful of travel time home for many attending. Many commented on this issue. It was suggested to limit speakers to 20 to 25 minutes.  Jeanne from Delta County (host of the March Intergroup) confirmed that they will limit speaker time. Ron S. threw out the idea of starting Intergroups earlier in the day so people aren’t traveling late in the evening. Gary added that if times were changed for a particular Intergroup that it would have to be communicated well.

Gary reminded people that those hosting Intergroups are responsible for the PA system, to pick it up at the preceding meeting (even if you are not going to use it) and pass it on to the next group hosting.

Discussion Shifted to previous comment about dealing with people who are disruptive at meetings. Intoxicated or not. How groups deal with issues could be different from one another. Group’s conscience need to decide how a group can best deal with this issue.

Dave stressed the need for compassion for newcomers at meeting.

Rick stated the need for 12 and 12 study.

Ron mentioned a ”young person’s” meeting.

Robert confirmed the need for group conscience to decide how to handle issues. He mentioned the number of members attending who are cross-addicted seems more prevalent now.

Matt touches on cross-addiction

Bruce stresses the need for anonymity, as does Bob.

Charlene reminded us of diversity. She stressed the need for communication.

Meeting Adjourned:  6:02 pm with the Responsibility Statement

GSR Meeting Notes

Saturday, December 3, 2016, Negaunee Township Hall


     DCM Gary led us in the Serenity Prayer, and those in attendance shared what’s going on with their groups.

Armand, Iron River—meetings are going OK, and financially were able to send $ to district, area and GSO.

Gary, Gwinn—15 people at KI Sawyer meeting, but attendance is slacking off at Gwinn; they are hoping to bid on the 2018 fall conference for Marquette

Wanda, Manistique—new members are coming to their 6PM pot luck/7PM meeting

Dean, Manistique—Is the DCM for District 20.  We are hosting the May 19-21, 2017 Area 74 Spring Conference in Munising.  Looking for registrants and for sponsorships for those who cannot afford to attend.

Bruce, Iron Mountain—Is past DCM; goes to several meetings per week.  Newcomer meeting is stable and a success story.  Needs info on the 2017 intergroups.


DISCUSSION: This led to a long discussion on our Intergroup organization and the need for a secretary.  George is still willing to distribute flyers and these notes by email, but he resigned as the secretary after a few years.   Past history:  Originally it was the GSR meetings that “founded” the intergroups with food, etc. which developed into the Intergroups as we know them now.   In the past 10 years (during Jen J’s tenure as secretary)  groups would submit requests for Intergroups for the coming year by the June meeting, and the schedule was finalized by August if there were any duplicate requests.  [We have gotten away from that without having a secretary the past couple of years.]



                January— (no intergroup)

    February 11--- Negaunee, sponsored by PM Marquette Alano Club

                March 11--- Gladstone,  Mem. United Methodist

                April 8 —Iron Mountain, First Lutheran Church S US2/Stephenson Ave near VAMC             



                August—Gwinn….or used to alternate it with Ontonagon???

                September:  ???? [ Do we need one if the Area conference is usually held in September?]

                October—Curtis/McMillan—not confirmed


                December—Marquette/Negaunee Twp Hall


DO WE NEED A SECRETARY?   Yes, to ensure that everyone is notified of upcoming Intergroup dates and places, to fill empty months, to get flyers out to everyone on George’s list (which he will pass along to anyone who wants to take over). Intergroups are important to the UP!!  The secretary is the one place where dates and places are confirmed and the commitment of a contact person for each.

Who is supposed to chair the GSR meeting at the Intergroup? Sometimes it is the DCM of the District, and other times it is the GSR for the sponsoring AA Group or Groups.

Dean: A secretary has to be someone who will attend most or all of the Intergroups OR able/willing to find a substitute to take notes and pass them back to the secretary for distribution.   The most important part of the secretary  position is the scheduling of the intergroups. Minutes/meeting notes are nice, but this is NOT a business meeting.    Anyone with access to the internet can do the job.

Jeanne, Escanaba—It is hard to get anyone to commit to doing Intergroup in Delta County. By default it goes to the person who cares the most that it take place. Always the same faces, yet is an opportunity for service for newcomers. It is discouraging. District 19 is still “dark,” with no DCM, no district meetings and little understanding of the role of the GSR (if, indeed, the group has one). 

Sober Bob—Is willing to coordinate the Intergroup schedules but cannot commit to attending every one of them.

George: is willing to do that much, but that does not solve the problem.

Gary: Take this to your district and your groups. Try to find someone there who can do it. There is help available from George. The only requirement is to be a member of AA and to attend most/all Intergroups or to arrange for a substitute scribe.

Kivela: The job has to rotate so a volunteer knows s/he doesn’t have to do it forever.

DISCUSSION—The difficulty for court ordered people to get to meetings, especially from rural/isolated areas that we have here in the UP.

Paul, Michigamee, is finding that it is hard for people to get to meetings who have to be there to meet the requirement of the Drug Court.  Any ideas?  Is especially hard if they do not have drivers’ licenses and live at a distance from meetings (like Michigamee) Gary: How can we help these still suffering alcoholics? Give rides to meetings like people did for him! The cops will take a breathalyzer to them if they cannot get where it is given. The Court has to be made aware of what the barriers are. Is there bus service? Wanda and Dean: We want the hand of AA to be there and will do what we can.

Meeting adjourned at 6PM with the Serenity Prayer.


November 12, 2016

GSR Notes

Call to order by Gary DCM District 18

Introductions, 15 in attendance

The meeting theme was “Gratitude”.

 Gary opened with examples of gratitude emphasizing service so that “the hand of AA is always there”.

George from McMillan shared how service work has greatly broadened his AA circle.

Bruce, past DCM from Iron Mountain, talked of “newcomer’s issues”, how do we welcome them?  Asks us to take this thought home as a branch of service work.

Don L. shared his gratitude for AA and Alanon being directly related to the success of his marriage.

Sober Bob shared that he took over a GSR position after the death of the previous GSR and that he also chairs a newcomers meeting that focuses on the first three steps. For that he is grateful.

Dave from the Iron Mountain area being newer to the program shared how he was grateful for all the kindness and acceptance he has been shown since coming into AA. He also is very grateful to his brother who was there for him when he needed him.

Jim S. from Grand Marais shared how he didn’t have gratitude when he was first confronted with his drinking and early in sobriety from rehab counselors and sponsor but after sometime really appreciates and is grateful for those individuals for helping him get sober. Jim also talked about how much he enjoys participating in the AA prison correspondence program.

Ken from Newberry shared his gratitude for his wife and how her participation in Alanon has helped them both. She is now having health issues and he is able to actively support her.

Will H. is grateful for his life “above the bridge” transitioning from big city in the Detroit area to the U.P. and all of the activities and friendships he enjoys here.

Gary closed the meeting with thoughts of “happy joyous and free”.

Manistique Intergroup Meeting

June 11, 2016

GSR Meeting Notes

CALL TO ORDER:  Dean with the Serenity Prayer

IN ATTENDANCE: Ken U, Derek T, Sara P, Gloria O, Glen K, Brian M, Bruce L, Heather O, Wilma G, Heather, Jim S, Gary T, Will H, Jeanne R, Bonnie B, Matt S, Dean C, George M.


Ken U. from Newberry: The KOA Campout weekend will be July 15th to the 17th this year and will be dedicated to our dear friend Brian B. of Newberry who has recently passed on.

Will from Ishpeming: “TNT Group” in Ishpeming meets Tuesdays and Thursdays for a Big Book study meeting.

Wilma from Rudyard:  Meeting now has anniversary token to distribute and is going to include a sobriety countdown at future meetings.

Bruce from Iron Mountain: The “Newcomers Group” is going strong and functioning as it was planned to introduce and support the newcomer to AA.

Brian from Marquette: The “Lunch Bunch Group” meets 7 days a week at the Marquette Alano Club and regularly has 20 to 30 members in attendance.

Brian from Ishpeming: The “TNT Group” in Ishpeming believes in service!

Sara P., Area 74 Chairperson and Alternate Delegate: Invited to speak later at the today’s Intergroup and visiting our GSR Meeting.

Derek T., Area 74 Delegate and past District 20 DCM: Good to be back at a UP Traveling Intergroup! Great to have you here Derek! Also, the “Young People in AA” pamphlet is being redone to better reflect that group.

Gloria O., Area 74 Structure and Guidelines Committee

Jeanne from Escanaba: “Delta Drop-In Group” There is a resurgence of NA meetings/participation currently happening in Escanaba. 

Dean C. District 20 DCM: All Manistique meeting are all going well including the new Tuesday morning meeting. District 20 is hosting the Area 74 2017 Spring Conference to be held in Munising, MI and is also putting on a workshop on sponsorship next Saturday, June 18th in Germfask, MI. See the District 20 website for more information and flyers for these events. The District 20 website also includes information for events and meeting schedules across the UP and much More. It is a great resource! If you have pertinent information that you would like added, contact Dean.

Lyle representing the Autrain Meeting: This meeting is going to get registered with the GSO and officially be part of District 20. 


The question of how do we communicate or make available information to newcomers or visitors in our areas was brought up. These are comments that were shared, randomly listed and paraphrased:  How do we advertise/ make available meeting schedules, share information about upcoming events, etc. Some Districts have been more successful with CPC efforts and networking with local entities. Some communities post AA meeting schedules in their local papers. People who travel are more likely to access the internet/Google to find meeting information in an unfamiliar area. There a couple large email address lists, one with the secretary for this GSR Intergroup Meeting, that send out informational flyers for events across the UP when made available. A couple of people commented that if you are in an unfamiliar place and really want to find a meeting that it is not that difficult. District 20 has information about local and District wide events as well as for the broader UP. District 18 is getting their web-site back up on track. Many districts now have information/hotlines. We can carry the message to individuals but there has to be willingness on the individual’s part. In general the group feels that communication is improving.

BUSINESS: It is time to send bids for 2017 Intergroups. Please send confirmation with the month and date even if your town or group has hosted a certain month ongoing.

MEETING CLOSED:  The Lord’s Prayer


February 20, 2016

GSR MEETING—Saturday, February 20, 2016, Negaunee Township Fire Hall This is a brief summary of info contributed by those attending the GSR meeting. [Did not include those who reported only on attendance at their meetings.] We still need an official GSR secretary!

JR MATTHEW, Gwinn—Celebrating one year of sobriety; became a GSR at 3 months. “We have what he wanted.

”DEAN, Manistique—They are holding a Sponsorship Workshop on June 18 and got the bid for the 2017 Area 74 Spring Conference.

WANDA, Manistique—They hold a pot luck every Friday at 6PM. Host the June intergroup, and she is trying to delegate duties to others.

HARLEY, McMillan

BRUCE, Iron Mountain—Beginners meeting has been going well for 6 years. They do Steps. Recommends going to your DCM and have them contact CPC/PI and Corrections for the Area. There are pamphlets available that we can be mailing to our professionals, etc. Get the Area to work for us!

KEN, Newberry—Gets phone calls about “closed meetings.” Our flyers should define what a closed meeting is….not just a meeting that no one attends.

LYLE, AuTrain—Numbers have picked up compared to last year

TONY, Gwinn

GLORIA, Pembine—Attends the women’s meeting in Iron Mountain. Is previous Area Archive chair. Keep a history of your group up to date. Get the info to her or to current Archive chair. There is a Delegate Workshop in 2 weeks (March 5th) where our delegate learns what the Area wants. Delegate Derek is serving on the Literature Committee which will be stating to discuss redoing the Big Book in plain English. What does your group think of that? If you have a workshop, invite Area chairs to attend. That’s the way we reach out. GSRs are the voice of the group. Tell them that there is more to AA than in this meeting room. Delegates carry our message, and the votes of 93 Areas make decisions for AA.

GARY, Gwinn—District 18 is sponsoring a Leadership workshop on May 14th in Palmer. Past and present delegates will be there. He gives “happy hugs.” Thinks it is really important how we treat newcomers! Also, let your DCM know what the groups want them to do. Districts do have $$. He got to be DCM because he was pissed off with how little contact there was between the groups and Area 74.

CATHY, Marquette—There is a 5 day/week group in Marquette. Attendees come from rehab programs as well as others.

JEANNE, Escanaba—Intergroup is March 12 in Gladstone. There are now two women’s groups in Escanaba. Are seeing an increase in multi-addiction meetings which meet the need not filled by NA at this time. Not ideal, but….

CHARLENE, Republic—They alternate between steps, traditions and Big Book. She is one of 7 siblings (alcoholic?), and the group has long sobriety. Was told to introduce herself to 3 new people at every meeting. It is contagious!

WILL, Ishpeming—T&T group in Ishpeming (good cross-section of sobriety) and also attends Palmer meetings on Sunday PM. Size of meeting has nothing to do with its
success. Greet the newcomer, introduce them around, show them where the coffee is. “It is hard to go to a meeting when you don’t know anyone.”

NEAL, Newberry—Also has multiple addiction meetings “We are all they’ve got.” Reported that one snowbird is back!

PAUL, Michigamee—The judge has sent them a few more attendees.

 BOB, Marquette—Attended meetings in New York where he found that they don’t typically do the readings at each meeting the way we do. They also ask “Will you be a temporary sponsor?” Thought we should try that too to increase support for the newcomer.

 CHERYL, Munising BRANDON, Munising

BONNIE, Munising—Many are “on paper.” They encourage people to take turn chairing. When they give out medallions, everyone says something about the person receiving it. TIM –GAYLE, Munising—Also seeing “on paper” attendees but they are enthusiastic.

Submitted informally by compulsive note-taker Jeanne R., Escanaba

Manistique Intergroup Meeting

June 13th, 2015

GSR Meeting Notes


IN ATTENDANCE: Dean, George, Lyle, Tim, Brian, Neal, Cheryl, Jeanne, Jim, Ken, Bonnie, Mark, Ron, Gary, Glenn, Tony, Matthew, Brandon, Jim


Dean: District 20 DCM Alternate, Manistique meetings are going well. There is a new Tuesday Morning meeting starting at 10:00 am. The Friday night meeting has moved outside for the summer. District 20’s bid to host the 2017 Area 74 Spring Conference was accepted at the recent Area 74 Assembly/Conference.

Gary: District 18 DCM Alternate, Gwinn is ready to go with hosting the August Intergroup. The Gwinn area folks are also plans in the works for a canoe trip towards the end of July. The Friday night meeting keeps getting bigger.

Bonnie, GSR from Munising, brought up the issue of medical marijuana use being discussed at meetings and how the numbers of people attending meetings to get a paper signed and/or are court order to attend is increasing. Some of these people are not serious about recovery and some are disruptive at meetings. There are only 3-4 people attending that are trying to carry the AA message. She asks for support to attend the Munising Wednesday, Friday and/or Sunday night meetings.

Jim from Grand Marais mentioned that at one of the meetings he attends the closed meeting statement is read at the opening. Also mentioned learning about the prison correspondence program and that we should promote this with our groups.

Dean added that meetings need to have a strong chairperson to keep things on track. Group conscience discussions should address how this is handled when it occurs. At Manistique meetings if someone is being disruptive they are first asked to leave and then escorted out if needed. It’s not our job to judge what others are doing but we shouldn’t allow them to disrupt others at a meeting. Spend time on people who want your help.

Mark from Calumet stated that at a meeting we need to focus on how what we are sharing relates to alcohol. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Brian, Area 74 Corrections Chair, Meetings need to focus on our/AA’s primary purpose or they will fail. He also mentioned that at the Area 74 Corrections Conference there were two probation officers attending to learn more about AA.

Cheryl, GSR Munising, Meetings are not a place to discuss medical marijuana use. This can be very confusing to new comers and give them the wrong idea about recovery.

Jeanne, GSR Escanaba, Recently at the Delta Drop-In Meetings, disruptive behavior has increased. People have been suspended from meetings as a result. Others are now reluctant to attend meetings there because of the disruptions.

Bruce: Iron Mountain, Many court people, Judges etc. are not knowledgeable about what AA is all about thus sending some people inappropriately to attend AA meetings.

Gary: Gwinn has worked with court people in Marquette County to better understand AA’s purpose. He added that all the meetings in Gwinn are all open meetings. Gary also shared that the Gwinn meetings, through their group conscience, have created a plan to deal with people who being disruptive at meetings. The first time the disruptive person is escorted out by two members of the same sex to continue meeting outside. The second time the disruptive person is suspended for a period of time from attending the meeting and the third time they are told not to come back. Anytime a weapon is present 911 is called immediately.

Ron: District 21, Added, remember the Third Tradition, have patience, tolerance and understanding and stick with it.


First, we are taking bids for hosting 2017 U.P. Traveling Intergroups. Please let me know if you would like to do that and I will add you to the list below. If you have a date, they are usually on the second Saturday of the month but not always, let me have that too. Secondly, as I mentioned at the last Intergroup, in the spirit of rotation I am resigning as this meeting’s secretary as of now. I can’t thank you all enough for allowing me to serve in this capacity these last two years. It has truly been a huge plus in my recovery, taking me to places and meeting people that I might never have on my own. God works in mysterious ways for sure! Until the position is filled I am more than happy to continue to funnel flyers and other information out to you all.

MEETING CLOSED: The Lord’s Prayer