A GSR, or GENERAL SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE is the essential link between the fellowship and GSO in New York. By accepting this commitment you have taken a step into an area of service that in my opinion is the essence of AA.

Your home group has entrusted you to speak and act on their behalf. You have certain responsibilities as their GSR to relay information to and from the group conscience. You will be asked to regularly attend DISTRICT meetings and AREA assemblies. At these levels you have a vote that represents your group's feeling on matters of AA business. This business ranges from critical changes in our service materials (i.e. Big Book new editions, literature, etc) to electing representatives to carry our concerns along to the GENERAL SERVICE CONFERENCE in New York each year. That elected official is called a DELEGATE. The Delegate represents an Area. The Delegate is present at all Area Assemblies and available by phone and email and regularly schedules visits to individual districts to give a CONFERENCE REPORT on the goings on in New York.

As GSR you represent a group that resides in a DISTRICT. Your District is a geographical area of many square miles and has a number. If you are meeting with me, you are in DISTRICT #17. Our district is comprised of nearly 25 groups. We are one of many Districts that belong to an even greater geographical AREA. Our Area is a couple hundred square miles. AA has ninety-three Areas in the US and Canada. Our District resides in AREA 74, in AA's Service Structure.

District Meetings are Chaired (or Run) by a DCM, or DISTRICT COMMITTEE MEMBER. This person sets the agenda for and holds all regular district meetings.

At most every meeting you will hear read the 12 Concepts Short Form. This can be found in the A.A. SERVICE MANUAL combined with TWELVE CONCEPTS FOR WORLD SERVICE. This and other service materials pertinent to your position as GSR will be included in a new GSR Welcome Packet. You will receive this either at the next AREA ASSEMBLY or in the mail from GRAND CENTRAL STATION (the New York address for GSO).

At your first Area Assembly you will be asked to attend the NEW GSR ORIENTATION given to each of us, who are new to service, by our Area Alternate Delegate. Ask many questions. This is your opportunity to ask even the most basic level questions from "what the heck have I gotten myself into?" to "what is a general service conference report" to "when's lunch?"

Read the materials given to you. Learn the most you can. Give of yourself freely. You are the "GUARDIAN OF THE TRADITIONS" for your home group. Read them. Study them. Our entire service structure relies very heavily on tradition two.

Most of all, you have been given an opportunity to serve the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous who, when you reached out for help, our arms were open wide. Welcome to service, please feel free to really enjoy yourself. You are in for the ride of your life.