Saturday, September 29, 2007

The U.P. Service workshop was held on Saturday September 29 at the Masonic Temple in Kingsford, MI. A total of 19 members which included the presenters were at the workshop. The following districts were represented: 16,17,18,20,22,24.
Presenting and facilitating the sharing and discussion were: Dodie A., our current alternate Delegate and also our Delegate elect., Jeff C., our current Area 74 Delegate and Grapevine Chair elect, and Bob M., our East Central Regional Trustee. I would like to thank Dodie, Jeff and Bob for traveling to Kingsford to be with us.
For those of us that were fortunate to be at the workshop I doubt that life will be the same again. It was a very lively forum and we found out that the same problems exist within all of AA.
Some of the most important sharing was as follows and this is my interpretation of it, please correct me if Iíve gotten it wrong:

1. Home groups are very important. This is where we can learn the AA basics. Everyone should have a home group. A home group should have a GSR to represent the group and carry the group conscience to area functions and district meetings. Since we donít have many active GSRís the ideas and thoughts or problems never get to the district let alone the area and then GSO. Donít have a home group?, get one! Home groups are the uppermost level of AA, every other part of AA is below the individual group. All service work supports the group!
2. Group conscience are also very important. All groups should take a group conscience. This is how the group decides how to address problems within the group or make changes. This is not just a business meeting. This is how the group gets input from all the group home members. Not a home member? Get one! 

3. The Agenda is information that each group should be sending to the district or area and then down the ladder to GSO. We as groups can send our problems or ideas or thoughts down the chain of command so that these issues can be discussed. No group conscience, no agenda, no agenda means we are turning control of AA over to others to make decisions.
4. GSR reports are way up there on the list of to doís. Of course if you donít have an active GSR, you are not going to get a report either way. Since the introduction of the District Newsletter, there does not seem to be GSR reports being given to the groups in District 17. As a group we are responsible to see that our GSRís do their job. Are we being responsible or are we just sitting back and letting others do the work. Are we so complacent we just donít care what goes on in the program that saved our lives?
5. Informed as to what is going on in AA. Without members being involved in AA as a whole we donít ever really know what is going on and canít give input to what we donít know. Donít like what is happening but not willing to do anything about it, then that is the way it will stay.    Page 2